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IQAir® HealthPro® Plus Air Purifier
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More #1 reviews than any other air purifier on the market! The best-selling IQAir HealthPro Plus uses four top-of-the-line filter technologies to capture a wide spectrum of molecular and particulate air pollutants. This range of functionality makes it suitable for the health-conscious as well as for people with respiratory issues.

Molecular capture is notably effective for asthmatics: people who suffer from asthma are often sensitized to molecular irritants in addition to allergens. IQAir filters are proven to stop the smallest, most harmful particles, protecting users with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

New Edition systems have replaced previous editions and feature multiple improvements including a energy efficient powerful new fan and innovative new longer-laster filter designs, which work together to produce even more clean air while still being the quietest high-performing purifiers available. Their filters feature an increase of active surface area, more even filter loading, longer filter life and a reduction in total weight, all resulting in greater airflow and higher particle holding capacity. With these improved filters, you get more clean air and save money on filter replacements.

The HealthPro is the number one choice for allergy sufferers and others with a health-conscious mindset.

1. User Control Panel (including remote control unit)

2. Carrying Handle

3. No-Draft Diffuser

4. Cleanroom-Grade Certified H12/13 HEPA Filter (IQAir HyperHEPA)

5. Advanced Gas and Odor Control Filter

6. Snap-Open Locking Arms

7. High-Performance Centrifugal Fan

8. Advanced Fan Control

9. High-Capacity Pre-Filter (IQAir PreMax™)

10. Dual Floor Air Intake
Energy Consumption (Max)
1 - 27 W
2 - 53 W
3 - 92 W
4 - 121 W
5 - 154 W
6 - 215 W
Maximum Coverage Area
1125 sq ft (based on maximum fan speed and an 8.5 ft ceiling)
Decibel Levels
Setting cfm -- Decibels
Speed 1 - 40 cfm 25db
Speed 2 - 75 cfm 36.0 db
Speed 3 - 130 cfm 44.0 db
Speed 4 - 170 cfm 50 db
Speed 5 - 200 cfm 54 db
Speed 6 -300 cfm 59 db
Product Dimensions
H 28 inches x W 15 inches x D 16 inches
UL/CSA registered
Sold separately
Average Filter Life
IQAir PreMax ™ Filter: 6-18 months
IQAir V5-Cell ™ Filter: 1-2 years
IQAir HyperHEPA Filter: 4 years
Filter Efficiency
H12 rated up to 112 cfm, H13 rated up to 280 cfm
5 years on unit including fan motor, excluding filters
* Mold spore control
* Pet dander control (cat, dog, bird, etc.)
* House dust mite allergen control
* Pollen control
* General indoor air pollution control
* Light odor control
* Light tobacco smoke control
Air Intake
Two side openings at base of unit
Air Outlet
Via diffuser with horizontal 320 degree, 77 sq. inch opening on top of unit
Number of Fan Speeds

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